| 24 May 2022

Cooperation between the Waste Management Organization and UNESCO to educate citizens on "environmental training"

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Cooperation between the Waste Management Organization and UNESCO to educate citizens on environmental training

In a meeting attended by the Director General of the Waste Management Organization of Tehran Municipal with the President and members of the UNESCO Chair in Environmental Education in Iran, the two sides emphasized on the need for cooperation to make Tehran more livable.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Waste Management Organization, Mohammad Mehdi Azizi,  the Director General of the organization in this meeting, while expressing satisfaction with creating the necessary contexts for joint cooperation with scientific and academic teams, referring to the organization's missions to make the city livable Tehran and strengthening citizen participation said: Despite the growth and development of technology in all aspects of life, the issue of waste management is not only unresolved, but its economic, social and environmental challenges are gradually widening.

He added: "Apart from infrastructure problems, which are referred to as hardware challenges, there are also many software problems that have been less addressed. Lack of public awareness among young people and adults, especially in developing countries, plays a significant role in exacerbating environmental problems and, consequently, optimal waste management.

Referring to the concept of environmental education as a continuous process that encourages people to gain environmental awareness, knowledge, values ​​and skills, Azizi added: "According to the plans, the issue of environmental education with the aim of changing the lifestyle and increasing citizen participation is considered as the main educational-cultural approach of the waste management organization.




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