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Compilation of a comprehensive document on environmental advertising in the city of Tehran on the prospect of 1410

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Compilation of a comprehensive document on environmental advertising in the city of Tehran on the prospect of 1410

Today human being is in front of different types of advertising media. This huge volume of information, is includes all social and cultural domain of people especially urban settlers and it has a deep impact on different dimensions of life like social, cultural, political and economic areas. Today, advertisement as one of the strategies of marketing encompasses necessary part of world trade. Advertisement has a great role on boosting trade in domestic and international level. Advertising evolution is simultaneously with the advances in the knowledge of mankind and the evolution and development of new communication means so that current media has entered new forms of advertisement. One of the forms of advertising that in the decade of the past to welcome many of the firms in the economy, owners of industries, institutions and executives is the outdoor advertising. Nowadays, a great part of function of streets, highways and almost all kinds of passing networks in cities is related to advertisement.
As explained above, it is necessary to plan the advertisements in cities for the future. The research project of writing a comprehensive document of outdoor advertising in Tehran in the horizon of 1410 (2031) was carried out to achieve the mentioned goal. This research is descriptive analysis and has been done in 4 phases.  Also for spatial analysis of to show distribution of different media in Tehran, it is applied ArcGIS software. The first chapter of the documents, determine questions of the purpose and importance of research and expression of detailed research was. In the second chapter, the current situation was evaluated. At this phase, the number of different types of Medias of outdoor advertising in 1399 and the last 5 years explained in details after reviewing the current situation, in the third phase, it has drawn 5 great vision for the planning of next decade of advertisement in Tehran based on past and current studies, data and situation. In order to achieve these visions, we developed more detailed programs from vision to strategy, policy, plan and finally action projects based on CDS approach. In the final phase, the action plans and projected are prioritized based on importance and time. Then each project has explained in a table named operational application table. In this phase we have written the mechanism of enhancing competitiveness of outdoor advertisement with other forms and platforms of advertising.
The results showed that advertising Medias do not have good distribution in Tehran so that southern areas of Tehran have less density of medias where it is a huge concentration of medias in the northern half of Tehran. In addition to this, tariff is very different in Tehran from very cheap to very expensive. For example, Azadegan highway is a very cheap place in tariff of advertisement media, even though this highway has numerous potentials. Another issue is the system of deterring tariff which results show that high proportion of benefit allocate to the advertisement companies not the Organization of Beautification of Tehran.
In the third phase, as previously mentioned five visions in the fields of a balanced geographical distribution, diversity in medias, aesthetic and visual quality, safety and security revenues was drafted. Results showed a lot of specific zones, such as the Tehran bazaar, ValiAsr, Jomhouri and so on with the great potential for outdoor advertising have been neglected. The results showed that most of the ads in Tehran through the six original structure billboard, bridge board, Strawboard, high board, display panels. In addition to the damage results next section - of the current system of tariffs - Packaging, Materials - versatile and proven - to increase revenues through outdoor advertising, beautification of the environment is important. The results showed that a long time to deal with the structural safety - of the past and offer various design study - the field and the use of methods - complementary, such as the camera and the new, such as energy - renewable for increased safety and security structures - the Advertising was provided. An important part Phase four of the pre - projected revenue from advertising beautify the environment. The results of this chapter were expressed in the framework of three different scenarios (highest annual tariff increase, continuation of the current situation, lowest annual tariff increase). In this context, the proposal to increase income were proposed: (1) increase the number of Medias 2. The annual increase tariffs. The income derived from methods - dual in each scenario to the horizon in 1410 assessed and analyzed and assessed income to the horizon was estimated and calculated. In addition to the pre - projected income part of the results of this phase applies to suggest ways - different to increase the competitiveness of outdoor advertising with other platforms - media - as well as providing the indexes for assessment of financial, technical and visual structure of advertising ¬





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