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Integrated urban management and barriers ahead

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Integrated urban management and barriers ahead

According to the Public Relations of TURPC in the 13th Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management, a specialized meeting as "Analysis of political and legal contexts in realizing of integrated management of Tehran; the law of integrated management of the capital" was held online with the presence of Ahmad Sadeghi, a member of Tehran City Council , Gholamreza Kazemian, Faculty Member of Allameh Tabatabaei University and Director General of the Office of Urban Planning and Development Plans of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Seyed Ali Mirnajati, Spokesman for the high advisor to the assembly of metropolitan, Alireza Rahai, Faculty Member of Amir Kabir University, Fariborz Mohammadi, Chairman of the Urban Management and Housing and Urban Planning Committee of the Expediency Discernment Secretariat, and Hassani Sadat Shams Dolatabadi, Secretary of the Meeting.

Ahmad Sadeghi, a member of the Tehran City Council, said in this meeting: "The smart making and transparency committee of the Tehran City Council has taken many measures so far with the axes of smart making and transparency, and in this regard we are pursuing a comprehensive plan for urban and rural management in the Islamic Consultative Assembly."

Regarding the supervisory position of the city council, Sadeghi said: "The United Nations, in the form of a global program, has issued a statement on the nine principles to create integrated management in cities, whose goals are transparency, effectiveness and improving the working and living conditions of all citizens."

Gholamreza Kazemian, a member of the faculty of Allameh Tabatabai University, said: "Almost three decades have passed since the life of the integrated management plan in urban management, and so far a lot of energy has been spent in this field and has not had the necessary output and efficiency."

Referring to the reasons for not implementing integrated urban management, he said: "Today's situation in cities is the result of urban management, which has had many shortcomings in implementation, and it seems that the efforts and actions taken towards integration have not become a behavior among decision makers. Therefore, in the stage of operational behavior, integrity has not been the criterion for managers.

Alireza Rahai, a faculty member of Amir Kabir University, said: "More than 40 years have passed since the life of the Islamic Republic and it is time to address the reasons for not achieving the goals of integrated urban management. Last year, a bill with this title was sent to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, which has remained undecided so far.

Regarding the pathology of the structure of municipalities, he said: "Creating a stable income can make its position among institutions more stable. Financing methods in municipalities need to be seriously reviewed and revived.

Also, Fariborz Mohammadi said: "We are facing several challenges in the field of metropolitan affairs management and this issue has forced us to take a step towards integration in urban management."




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