| 24 May 2022

Safety of roads in metropolises with the approach of decade of action

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Safety of roads in metropolises with the approach of decade of action

According to the Public Relations of TURPC, in the13th festival of research and innovation in urban management, the specialized meeting of "safety of roads in metropolis with the approach of decade of action" was held online with the presence of Mohsen Fallah Zavare, the faculty member of Kharazmi University, Hormuz Zakeri, Vice-respected Deputy Center of Codification and Safety of Transportation and the Secretariat of the Safety Commission of the country roads, Pourieh Mohammadian, Secretary of the Supreme Council Coordination of the Traffic, Seyyed Mojtaba Shafiee, Deputy of Tehran Municipality traffic transportation, Mohammad Hossein Hamidi, commander of Tehran Traffic Police and Payam Moeini, director of the transport group in TURPC.

Payam Moeini, the secretary of the meeting, initially stated that the purpose of the meeting is identifying and examining the weaknesses and planning for the future of Tehran traffic safety using global experiences. He pointed out many problems in this regard: The lack of a safety program for Tehran city, the lack of a specific criterion for identifying full of accident points, not launching the registration system, lack of clear and easy access to traffic statistics and information in an integrated structure and on the geographical basis of Tehran, the prevailing passive perspective instead of preventive on accidents, the lack of integrated traffic management structure and proportional to the importance of the subject and the necessity of changing the approach in the area of traffic safety.

Mohsen Fallah Zavah also pointed out attitudes to resolve the traffic problem and said that a new approach to traffic safety should be created. Traffic safety affects the economy of societies. Safe behaviors in traffic and safe cars are one of the goals of sustainable development.

Referring to global efforts in this regard, he said: "The goal of the global program of decade of action is to reduce the number of dead and injured in accidents to 50% by 2030.

Mojtaba Shafiee, Deputy of Transportation and Traffic of Tehran Municipality, added: "The mortality rate in traffic is slightly decreasing and most of the dead were motorcyclists and then basic planning must be done for the motorcycle."

Sardar Hamidi, commander of Tehran Traffic Police, said: Despite the increase in the number of cars over the past ten years, Tehran's crash statistics from 1040 people reached 580 per year.




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