| 07 December 2021

The Bus and Taxi Fleets on the Way to Modernization

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The Bus and Taxi Fleets on the Way to Modernization

Dr. Alireza Zakani, the mayor of Tehran, visited the bus and the taxi organization in order to pay special attention to the public transportation system for the citizens.

The mayor of Tehran ordered the fund allocation for the delivery of 90 buses out of 175 that had been scheduled. Thus, 90 buses will be delivered to Tehran Municipality by the end of October this year, and another 85 will enter the transportation fleet within the next two months. Zakani also ordered to add 500 CNG-powered buses to be repaired and added to the bus fleet by the end of this year. The mayor of Tehran promised that by the end of the Corona restrictions, the number of buses in the fleet will increase from 2,100 to 3,500 and citizens will have no issues with bus shortages.

Moreover, Zakani visited the Intelligent Control and Monitoring Center and Taxi Modernization Department.

He pointed to the problem of air pollution, especially in the cold seasons along with the issues of heavy traffic as two of the most important concerns of Tehran Municipality. The mayor also mentioned the renovation of ten thousand worn-out taxis, which is part of the Tehran municipality's plans for this year and issued a follow-up order to allocate the necessary financial resources. He then stressed the need to improve the quality of the taxi fleet and the use of hybrid taxis and announced institutional corporations to utilize this capacity


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