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Identification and feasibility of the role of new technologies in increasing income sources and improving the financial system of municipalities

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Identification and feasibility of the role of new technologies in increasing income sources and improving the financial system of municipalities

Abstract (350 to 700 words)

  • Introduction and Problem Statement

In recent years, in order to solve urban issues, it takes advantage of new technologies. In other words, new technologies have been able to change the manner of service and local management pattern. According to what it mentioned, this is the case that the municipalities generally and the municipality of Tehran, in particular in the context of changing the nature of the achievement of sustainable income? Perhaps in the same time, technology and new tools are one of the main solutions to solve the problem. To express the critical conditions of municipalities in the current situation on the one hand, as well as technology learning on the other hand can provide a further reflection platform on how to make a new order income.


This research is based on steps and key phases into two main three phases. The first phase of the presentation of the framework and leads to the global experiences and benchmark measures, in which meta-analysis, and studies and experiences will be examined in a given time interval. Therefore, this phase of the study is in terms of developmental purpose and from the perspective of the type in the classification of exploratory studies with descriptive nature, while as a key part of comparative studies.

  • Findings (Results)

New technologies are well supported for cities, so that they can help create more communication channels between the municipality and citizens using new methods or new technologies that improve their revenues or monitoring. Municipalities are also faced with demand for citizens for better and transparent services for their money. Recent advances in information and communication technology, such as the use of smart and modern technologies, can increase tax revenues, increase performance in collecting and managing tax and complications and encourage urban economic development. While the cities of developed countries to combat scam and tax escape, the cities of low-income countries are still faced with challenges and new databases.


After recognizing the status of new technologies in increasing income sources, the proposed model for increased municipal revenues was presented through modern technologies. In this proposed model, the results of earning income sustainability were also considered. Some of the most important features of the proposed pattern are:

Revising the results of subject records, previous research and research results

Attention to activists, processes and precautions of using new technologies in increasing income sources or reducing costs

Evaluation, monitoring and monitoring and feedback from the system




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