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Mehdi Chamran in a meeting with the French Ambassador: Tehran has always had a good relationship with French culture and people

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Mehdi Chamran in a meeting with the French Ambassador: Tehran has always had a good relationship with French culture and people

According to Shahr News, quoting the Deputy of Communications and International Affairs of the Islamic Council of Tehran, Mehdi Chamran, the Chairman of the Tehran City Council, met on Monday, 12 October 2021 with the French Ambassador, Philippe Thiébaud.

At the beginning of this meeting, Mehdi Chamran, by congratulating the Iranian national team for winning the national wrestling team and the French national football team for winning the European Nations League, said: "Relations between Iran and France, as well as Tehran and Paris, are very old and it has been for a long time, but over the past few years, these relations have gradually faded, which in the current situation can be said that it is not at a good level.

He added: "Our literature in ancient times had been tied to French literature after Persian and Arabic, and almost every student was reading the book of Les Misérables from Victor Hugo, and French was taught in our schools.

 The head of the Islamic Council of Tehran said: "These relations culminated until the presence of Imam Khomeini in Paris, when it has been established good relationship between the two nations of Iran and France. The presence of Imam in Nofel Loshato and the flood of his lovers for his pilgrimage, which even I myself came to Nofel Loshato for his pilgrimage, caused a street in Tehran to be named as Nofel Loshato.

Chamran continued: "Unfortunately, after these events, the relations between the two countries gradually decreased, and although we have expected France as the cradle of civilization and freedom to expand these relations, but these relations has been weaken after the discussion of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA).”

The head of the Islamic Council of Tehran added: "In terms of urban planning, we had commonalities with Paris and even it had been designed a permanent jury for Tehran, an example of which was only in Paris. This intellectual coordination was expandable and still is. When I was chairman in the College of Fine Arts, the best architecture magazine we read was a French magazine, which of course has now stopped.

Chamran continued: "With all these issues and commonalities, we still hope that these urban communications will expand, because urban communications must be different from political communications. There is a lot of fluctuation in political communications, but urban communications can be established and we welcome them."


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