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Codification of Requirements and the Process of setting up Special Service Taxi.

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Codification of Requirements and the Process of setting up Special Service Taxi.


Abstract (350 to 700 words)


Study/ Research Info

Start Date: 2020-10-18 

  End Date: 2021-10-22                                                                              


Project Contractor: Tehran Urban Research and Planning Center

Research Dept.: Traffic & Transportation Department

Beneficiary (User): Taxi Organization of Tehran

Research Executer: Arta Naghsh Ramona Consultant Engineers

Supervisor: Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Abdolmanafi Rokni

Mission areas (Research Committee): Traffic & Transportation


  • Introduction and Problem Statement

Study of the history and background of the tourism industry shows that the main factor in the tourism development is the transportation industry and therefore paying attention to the role of transportation in the tourism industry is the most important step in planning to develop tourism in countries. Today, this issue is the focus of transportation organizations as well as agencies active in the field of tourism and in this regard, have tried to address the issue of tourists and meet the demand for tourism in various stages of planning and implementation of transportation projects. One of these implementations at the level of intra-city travel is planning and providing appropriate facilities in the sector of special travel services for tourists. In this regard, tourism taxis as part of the transportation system can contribute to the operation of the transportation system in order to properly meet the demand for tourism.


In this study, previous research on improving the quality and quantity of taxi services, experiences gained from the implementation of tourist taxi services in some cities of Iran and also Private Hite Vehicle services in some tourist cities of the world including London, Paris and Rome have been reviewed. Also, by examining the high level laws in the fields of transportation and tourism, the strengths and weaknesses of these laws as well as the area of responsibility of urban management institutions in providing tourism taxi services and the potentials of Tehran city in the field of studies have been identified and analyzed. Finally, according to the set of results, codification of requirements and the process of setting up tourism taxi and monitor these services have been prepared.

  • Findings (Results)

Considering the experiences of implementing taxi services in some cities of Iran, it is observed that their activities have been carried out on a small scale and temporarily without the support of studies, and after a while, their activities have been stopped, so Evaluated the implementations as unsuccessful. Also, the study of the laws and actions of the transport authorities in the cities of London, Paris and Rome shows the existence of laws and mechanisms for providing Private Hite Vehicle services in these cities, which do not exist in the set of transportation laws in Iran. Due to the wide range of Private Hite Vehicle services that can be provided, the lack of such laws in Iran is strongly felt.


According to the Instructions developed in this study, the process of obtaining a license to provide tourism taxi services can be divided into two general stages. In the first stage, with the aim of providing drivers and vehicles suitable for operating in the tourist taxi fleet, individuals must apply for a RAHGASHT certificate. In the second stage, in order to operate and provide transportation services to tourists, private companies must apply for a license to provide tourism transportation services in Tehran in accordance with the requirements of setting up tourism taxi services. Also, the responsibility of issuing licenses and supervising the provision of tourism taxi services has been assigned to the Taxi Organization of Tehran.


Keywords (4 to 8 words):

Tourism- Tehran Province Tourist Guide Certificate- Taxi- Rahgasht Certificate- Tourist Car Certificate




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