| 26 October 2021

Hanachi told reporters; RVM device, joint production of Japan and Iran

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Hanachi told reporters; RVM device, joint production of Japan and Iran

According to the city reporter, Pirooz Hanachi, the mayor of Tehran on Tuesday - July 13, 2021 - on the sidelines of the trilateral cooperation ceremony among Tehran Municipality, UNDP and Japan in Tehran waste management project and unveiling of RVM devices on the occasion of International Plastic Bag Free Day, said: the use of plastic and plastic disposal is one of the problems of all countries in the world. Certainly, less use of plastic materials and supplies and providing plastic disposal solutions is on the agenda of Tehran Municipality and also all cities in the world

He continued: "RVM devices, which are made by domestic knowledge-based companies, have been done jointly with the cooperation and funding of the Japanese and Iranian governments.

The goal is to be able to recycle the plastics produced and the plastic glass that is widely used in Iran and there is less prohibition against its use.

Hanachi added: Tehran Municipality has started good activities in the field of waste. Including the comprehensive plan of sweepers (Pakbanan) that has been approved.

He stated: "Educating citizens to separate waste from the source, as well as the waste reduction plan, during which the process of transporting less waste and disposing of it is provided, is one of the programs carried out in Tehran Municipality."


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