| 26 October 2021

Tehran needs an integrated waste separation system from the source

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Tehran needs an integrated waste separation system from the source

According to the Public Relations of Tehran Urban Research and Planning Center(TURPC), the session of "Comprehensive Plan of Tehran Waste Management" workshop was held by Professor Nanoji, a faculty member in the Netherlands, and John Schipper as a project supervisor, and Mehdi Jalili Ghazizadeh, a faculty member in Shahid Beheshti university of Tehran and a group of mayors and deputies of urban services and environment of the 22 districts of Tehran Municipality were hosted by Mohammad Hossein Boochani, head of TURPC.

Mohammad Hossein Boochani, by referring that one of the important missions of Tehran Municipality is waste management, said: "We are very pleased that the comprehensive plan for waste management in Tehran has been approved by the Tehran City Council after two decades with the efforts of the Health and Environment Commission of the city council and the responsibility of the TURPC.

Boochani added: "Changing the situation of waste management requires changing attitudes and increasing training and teamwork, and these training working groups have been also held for this purpose."

In the following, John Schipper, the project supervisor from the Netherlands, by stressing the importance of research in such projects, said: "More than 500 hours have been spent studying this project by experienced experts in the field of environment and waste, and we have achieved good results. We have also benefited from experiences in European and Asian countries in the Tehran project and we have had extensive cooperation in Iran with environmental activists.

He described regional modeling as one of the important features of this project and added: "Our achievement from several international projects in the regional level with a background of professional management in the environment and waste management by setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals lead to develop an organizational framework in the comprehensive plan of waste management in Tehran.

Also, Mehdi Jalili Ghazizadeh, a member of the faculty of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran, by introducing the outputs of the comprehensive plan for waste management in Tehran, said: "One of the most important achievements of this plan is that it requires other cities to have a comprehensive plan for waste management. This project has been pathologized in the fields of community economics and culture, and one of its important discussions has been strategic planning and achieving the development document in the comprehensive waste plan of Tehran in the next 20 years.




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