| 26 October 2021

Municipality of Tehran welcomes Nowruz (Iranian New Year) with 20 local hangouts

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Municipality of Tehran welcomes Nowruz (Iranian New Year) with 20 local hangouts

In an interview with Hamshahri newspaper, Managing Director of Tehran Municipality Renovation Organization said: "The restrictions created during the Corona period, which have had direct effects on social relations and mental health of individuals, increasing the role of local hangouts as open urban spaces that can still be used in accordance with health protocols at the neighborhood level. In these special circumstances, where the possibility of attending and using indoor recreational facilities is severely restricted, local hangouts continue to accommodate different age groups in local communities.

By creating new local hangouts, Tehran Municipality seeks to create spaces that fill citizens' leisure time, social interactions and urban vitality, especially in the days of Corona.

Tehran Municipality intends to open 20 local hangouts in different places before the end of 1999 and the beginning of the new year. Some of these hangouts have been built this year, but they are supposed to find a new atmosphere with measures such as creating new spaces, installing new urban furniture, painting, flower arranging, etc., and be ready to welcome Nowruz 1400. There are a number of others under construction that have made significant physical progress.

During the last 2 years, the city administration has paid special attention to the creation and revival of public spaces and local hangouts in the city that bring vitality to the city. According to experts in the field of urban planning, during the outbreak of the Corona virus, the existence of such spaces in the city, increasing the resilience of citizens and raising the collective spirit is needed more than ever.




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