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Investigating the phenomenon of rents and abuses in urban management

Investigating the phenomenon of "rents and abuses" in urban management

The phenomenon of renting and abuse in urban management with the head of Municipal Inspection Authority, The Director of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center (TUPRC) and Habibzadeh, member of Tehran City Council  is reviewed on Wednesday, July 6, at the Shibani Hall of Tehran City Council.

According to the Public Relations Department of TUPRC, this meeting is the first of a series of sessions at the TUPRC to present urban management studies. Hassan Abedi Jafari, conductor of the Corruption Assessment Project in Tehran Municipality, and Hamed Rahmani, conductor of the study of the governance patterns of the struggle with Corruption in municipalities express the results of their research. Afshin Habibzadeh, member of the Tehran City Council, Mohammad Javad Shirazi, the head of the Municipal Inspection Authority and Mohammad Reza Javadiganeh, the head of TUPRC, will be present at the meeting

The fighting with corruption and transparency of affairs in the glass municipality of Tehran has been the motto of the current urban management of Tehran metropolis and Citizens who considered corruption in the municipality as one of the major problems of the organization sought to understand and see the strategies and plans of the city's municipality for this purpose and its results.

Accordingly, the following questions are being asked and answered at the meeting of "rents and abuses in urban Management”:

What is the level of corruption and administrative misconduct in the municipality of Tehran and what is the reason that the municipalities are normally ranked first in this regard?
How is possible the scientific assessment of the phenomenon of corruption in Tehran's municipality and how can it be confronted with the continuation of corruption assessment?
What are the main causes of administrative corruption in the municipality's organization and which one can have faster and deeper impacts on health promotion?
The main mission of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center is to focus on the challenges and formulate a strategy and plan to improve the performance of the city's management that so far have been carried out several research projects in this regard, and now this center intends to engage with the Islamic Council of Tehran city and Top Managers of Tehran Municipality on the priorities of the city, during the series of scientific meetings to study the research and provide executive solutions on the issues.
The first meeting is scheduled to take place on the 6th of July at 6 pm in Shibani Hall, Islamic Council of Tehran city, and the presence of media representatives, urban experts and all citizens interested in the future of Tehran are free.

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