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Signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Cooperation between Isfahan and Tehran / Decision Making Process in Metropolises should be shared

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Cooperation between Isfahan and Tehran / Decision Making Process in Metropolises should be shared

The Director of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center (TUPRC) during the signing of the Memorandum of cooperation  with the Municipality of  Isfahan to exchange urban research , emphasized on the necessity of sharing the decision-making process in urban management  between Metropolises in the country with the aim of avoiding duplication of works.

According to the Public Relations Department of TUPRC, the Director of the Research Center, Dr. Mohammad Reza Javadi Yeganeh, by emphasizing the necessity of preventing the repeated works in metropolitan areas in the field of urban research, said: given the limited funding of municipalities for activities Research, we should design mechanisms to avoid duplication of work, and so for this purpose, we are going to design a system and it has been considered this year in budget's center.

Javadi Yeganeh, referring to the readiness of the municipality of Rasht to cooperate with Tehran in the field of research, said, "By launching a joint system on urban research, we can use successful and especially unsuccessful metropolitan experiences, and at least to do cautionary in areas where we already have a failed plan.
Considering the launch of a joint metropolitan research system as a means sharing the decision making process, he added that one of the achievements of this system could be that such research projects would first be implemented in smaller municipalities and prevented from imposing a high cost in the National dimensions in Tehran.
In another part of his speech, Javadi Yeganeh, emphasized the necessity of separation of the Tehran municipality from the university and pointed out: Tehran's municipality should go to the nurture of an urban researcher, and unfortunately has not brought aggregated outcomes to the research centers of the municipality.
Following this meeting, Abbasi, deputy director of science and technology in TURPC, proposed the municipality of Isfahan to join the third urban market idea and the municipality of Isfahan welcomed it.
Also, Nasre Esfahani, Deputy Director of Social, Economic and cultural affairs in TURPC, emphasized the necessity to form a place such as the think tank for the municipality of metropolises, and said: "it is hoped that we can share information in this space and we as a research custodian play a role for the metropolises.
According to the Public Relations Department of TUPRC, at the beginning of the meeting, also Isfahan's Deputy Director of Planning and Development and Human Capital pointed to the necessity for the municipalities to move towards the smart, electronic and innovation city. He said that the municipality of Isfahan welcomes any activities that provide the conditions for the exchange of information among metropolises. .
In addition, Ebrahami, the research director of the Isfahan municipality, also pointed to signing the memorandum of understanding of Isfahan with the municipality of Mashhad for the exchange of research information and added: "We hope that this trend will continue with other metropolises, including Tehran, and can benefit especially the applications of urban projects in urban management of metropolises.

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