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The Patent Analysis is a Tool for Protecting Money

The Patent Analysis is a Tool for Protecting Money

On the morning of Tuesday (April 1st), a scientific-expert meeting of “Introduction to New Technological Observing Tools” with emphasis on patent analysis was held at the conference hall of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Research Center, Alireza Nouri, Director of Studies and Planning of Technical and Development Affairs, Standardization and Crisis Affairs of TUPRC, pointed to the role of inventions in assessing and understanding of the changes in the world of technology and said “One of the important ways in which technology can be tracked is to examine patents in that area of technology. In fact, as the reflection of science can be found in the articles, new technologies are also reflected in inventions and patents. There are more than 80 million patents in the world, some of which are more than 200 pages. Examining large volumes of patents requires expert analysis that should be examined by their specialized approaches.” Nouri further referred to the numerous benefits of patent analysis for institutions and organizations such as municipalities and stated, “There are many technology exhibitors that only pass on some of the facts about their technology to the customer due to business interests. For example, when Tehran municipality buys a special type of plate reader camera, some technical tips may be hidden and perhaps a camera with a declining technology will be purchased. While new technology is coming to the market to provide lower cost and quality, Tehran’s municipality will be deprived of it.” He referred to the fact that companies could not survive without patenting their products in today’s world, and that one of the keys in obtaining the right technical information of companies is their patents and noted, “One of the functions of the patent is answering questions such as “How to reach a data source to understand which technology is from which updated technology company?” and “Does it have a growing trend?” Amir Hossein Bornaee, an agent of patent department and Chief Executor Manager of Idea Engineering Company (Idesazan Asr Aftab) regarded patent as the new ways of protecting the technological achievements of companies and said, “Contrary to the past in which the manufacturing process of an industry such as handicrafts was not recorded, technologies such as patent enable owners of inventions to disclose their inventive capabilities to consumers or to the government organizations that request access to information.”. In another part of his speech, Bornaee introduced the patent analysis and stated, “Extraction, categorization and analysis of patent information is a field that was developed by Japanese, and its general path includes determining demand, searching, extracting, analyzing and deploying in decision making.” He divided the achievements of patent analysis into three areas of science- technology, economics, and law and indicated, “One of the constant policy making problems in our country is the lack of proper tools for providing the right information, which is the raw material of decision-making; the issue that can be solved with patents.” According to him, research centers of the country should be aware of the problem and solution simultaneously, and ask their scientific contractors for the most updated paths. Unfortunately, this trend is not used currently and, consequently, such phenomena such as data making is prevalent in scientific centers. Lack of proper tools is another issue in this case. He further argued that the patent analysis projects are not cheap and asserted, “Since the methodology of the patent analysis is to customize the project, there is a special activity that is costly; the patent analysis provides a specific answer to the problem.” He regarded three levels for patent analysis and added, “The diagnosis of the problem is the first and most difficult part of the work; the second stage is the search and extraction of information, and the third stage is the development of a database and information analysis.” This technology expert described the patent as a purely commercial tool that generates money, saying “Unlike public perception, patent is not a scientific and knowledge generation tool.” Bornaee said that the “patent” is not well-known enough and stated, “Unfortunately, there is little knowledge regarding patent which is not accurate. The reasons for this can be the technology gap that exists between Iran and the developed world, the historical roots of Iran, the developing nature of our country as well as different sanctions.”
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