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Social and Cultural Developments and Excellence of District 12 of Tehran

The district 12 of Tehran has unique characteristics that distinguish any developmental intervention from other parts of Tehran’s municipality. A valuable historical texture alongside worn-out texture, the expansion of heterogeneous uses across the region, local and regional adjacency, and transregional functions, the gap and inequality between neighborhoods in spite of generality, coherence and interconnectedness of issues in the region, are among these characteristics. Nevertheless, this region is also the best representative of the city of Tehran. In other words, the history and the urban identity of the past “Tehran” is carried by a region where many functions of the capital are played there.
is carried by a region where many functions of the capital are played there. In such a context, the will to create transformation seems risky. Despite knowing the risk of any interventionist activity, the present work believes that effective interventions can be taken by means of an integrated approach to help the realization of cultural and social development and excellence. What follows is “the pattern of intervention and document of development as well as cultural and social excellence in the district 12”. Taking into account the determination of urban management in bringing about fundamental changes in the region, this document supports the threefold objectives of the cultural and social development plan of urban management including justice, society-oriented and health, safety and security. To this end, in the general section, there is an outline of the goals of cultural and social development. In section “Understanding District 12”, while reviewing the morphological features of the region based on the three sources of “developmental documents, past studies and field studies”, the general pattern of planning and action is described. Then the “planning method for intervention” is described. Finally, the “document of social and cultural developments and excellence of district 12 of Tehran” is presented.
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