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Arash Nasr Isfahani was appointed as deputy director of social affairs

Arash Nasr Isfahani was appointed as deputy director of social affairs

The head of Tehran Urban Research and Planning Center, appointed Arash Nasr Esfahani as Deputy Director of Social and Economic affairs.

According to the Public Relations Department of TURPC, Dr. Yegane, Director of TURPC, has pointed in his order: Considering your academic qualifications and executive backgrounds, I appoint you as "Deputy Director of Studies and Management, Economic and Social Affairs".

The head of the Center has listed the following important missions:

  • Effective presence in councils and committees
  • Optimal management of research and executive affairs of deputy in establishing the maximum coordination between the various deputies in order to expand and improve the quality of research on social and economic affairs and management of Tehran city
  • Enhancing interaction and convergence with other units of the center
  • The activation and effectiveness of relevant research committees more than ever
  • Aimed and logical communication with all organizations and institutions of Tehran municipality, universities and valid personalities
  • Strengthening the center's authority in the field of data and statistical information and records of Tehran city and municipality

It is worth mentioning that Arash Nasr Esfahani, is a graduate of Ph.D. in Sociology at the area of Iranian social issues. Among his experiences, he was the head of the Office of National Projects for Culture, Arts and Communication.

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