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The Pathology of the Research System of Tehran Municipality

The Pathology of the Research System of Tehran Municipality

The forum on the pathology of the research system of Tehran municipality was held with the presence of the Director of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center and the Mayor’s Advisor on Strategic Planning and Modernization of the Urban Management System.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Research Center, the meeting was held with the aim of providing a research system that will guide the research activities from the time of defining the problem to providing the required and expected outputs of the city and the municipality and using them efficiently in solving urban problems based on past practices in the pathology of the previous approaches in the research system. In this meeting that was hosted by the Director of the Research Center, Dr. Mohammad Reza Javadi Yeganeh referred to the role and special place of the Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center in policy planning and management of research activities of Tehran Municipality. In the following, the conducted pathology by this center was analyzed in four stages of the problem finding process, the research process, the executives, researchers and observers, and the system for applying the knowledge. After representatives of different sectors of the municipality presented their ideas regarding various dimensions of the research system in the municipality of Tehran in the form of four basic questions of 1. Who? 2. What about? 3. How does research work? 4. How the results of study will be used? and four areas of 1. Human resource of the research, 2. Research policy, 3. Research support, and 4. Application of research, Hossein Gharibi, Tehran Mayor’s Adviser, stated his opinions regarding this issue as well. At the end of the session, Dr. Javadi Yeganeh, while summarizing the points raised, requested attendees to submit supplementary comments in written form.
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