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Holding a Specialized Meeting on “The Role and Position of District Renovation Service Offices as a Local Development Institution”

Holding a Specialized Meeting on “The Role and Position of District Renovation Service Offices as a Local Development Institution”

Director of Architectural and Urban Studies of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center announced the holding of a special meeting on “The Role and Position of District Development Service Offices as a Local Development Institution”.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Research Center, Anoushiravan Naser Mostofi, pointed out that in recent decades, by changes in the role of urban governance institutions, the area of intervention and development of the public sector has taken steps to decentralize the local development institutions in this area and said “The experience of the activities of local institutions in the area of urban renovation and rehabilitation in Iran, and in particular Tehran, dates back to the establishment of the Facilitating Offices in 2007. Following this approach and based on legal approvals, since 2012, these offices worked under the name of renovation service offices in the areas of support, planning and implementation, and have undertaken activities aimed at promoting modernization and attracting partnership.” He added, “The roles and prospects of these offices in the process of modernization and rehabilitation in Tehran are not well defined, and therefore, their area of action is potentially influenced by organizational changes and management approaches. This is while these offices are theoretically and regardless of current capacities and constraints have the ability to implement local development in urban inefficient textures in order to achieve mentioned frameworks (as a local development institution), and hence, requires the role and perspective of local institutions (in the form of existing institutions or new requirements ) to be redefined. Accordingly, the current meeting intends to address the pathology and the nature, capacity and future of local renovation offices in the light of the past functions and changes that have occurred in the urban renewal management system and their prediction of the future, to analyze the process of changing them to local development institution in urban regeneration and renewal.” Mostofi stated that, in this meeting which will be held with the help of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center as well as the participation of the Tehran Renovation Organization, attempts will be made to examine and identify the dimensions and components of the issue, examine the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation and provide the ground for its proper implementation by presenting appropriate solutions. This specialized meeting will be held on Wednesday (January 3rd, 2018), from 2-4 p.m. in the fourth floor hall of Tehran Renovation Organization.
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