Management of Transportation and Traffic Studies and Planning

Scientific, precise, and efficient management aimed at expanding public and non-motorized transportation, reducing unnecessary trips, reaching environmental global standards, and teaching the culture of traffic is one the most important issues in this area.

Finished Research Projects
  • Managerial report for a project on "Studying Smart Integrated Public Parking Lots at Park and Ride Facilities' Switch Points and Their Technical-Specialized Site Location on the Basis of Traffic Demand Management"
  • Studying Tehran citizens' traffic behavior patterns at different hours of the day
  • Studying and rating traffic concentration in Tehran in limited traffic areas in order to design and develop a real and fair pricing system for entering the main parts of the road network inside this area
  • Studying and developing methods, techniques, and basic educational materials to enhance the culture of traffic, with an emphasis on motorcyclists;
  • Intelligent public parking lots at exchange-transfer points of the trip and a network based on demand management and technical- specialized site selection;
  • Studying the principles, methods and frameworks to design, develop and provide a range of traffic management measures and plans in the megacity of Tehran
  • Strategic Studies about Tehran Cargo Transportation Master Plan
  • Study about the annual tolls of cars in Tehran
  • Designing a model for determining the travel rates of various activities in Tehran
National Seminars and Conferences
  • Workshop on pedestrian-orientation in urban neighborhoods
  • Second Exhibition on the Participation of Iranian Manufacturers in the Subway Industry
  • The First National Congress in Radio Detection and Location Finding
  • Fourth National Conference on Air and Noise Pollution Management
  • Analysis of the role of urban air pollution control plan (decrease) in traffic management
  • Specialized meeting on the pedestrians’ safety at Iran University of Science and Technology
  • The first conference on intelligent road transportation systems
  • Tehran’s 14th International Conference on Transportation and Traffic
  • Scientific meeting titled “Seminar on Financial-Economic Tools for Traffic Management in the City of Tehran”
  • Joint Specialized Workshop on Traffic Pathology in Urban Development
  • 12th International Conference on Transportation and Traffic
Published Reports
  • City Knowledge Report on "Opportunities and Threats in Choosing Mode of Transportation for School Trips"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Challenges and Opportunities for Building Sidewalks in Tehran; Evaluation and Comparative Comparison of 11 Sidewalks in Tehran"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Introduction of Factors that Affect the Provision of Transportation Costs (such as Tunnels, Bridges, and Two-story Highways) from Operation Tolls"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Guidelines for Assessing Traffic Complications in Tehran"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Studying Cargo Transportation Policies in the World and Making Recommendations for the City of Tehran"
  • City Knowledge Report on "The Effects of Students' Transportation System on Their Health"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Training Programs for New Drivers based on Driving Styles and Aimed at Increasing Transportation Safety."
  • City Knowledge Report on "Features of Public Hire Taxis and Their Place in Tehran's Transportation System"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Policies to Reduce the Use of Private Vehicles on Business Trips to Central Tehran"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Assessing Tehran's BRT systems according to International Standards"
  • City Knowledge Report on "The Position of Activity-based Approaches in Urban Planning"
  • City Knowledge Report on "Comparative Study of Traffic Plans on Special Occasions in Other Countries."
  • City Knowledge Report on "Studying and Providing Policies to Achieve Sustainable Transportation in Tehran"