Management of Municipal Services and Environmental Studies and Planning

Management of municipal services and environmental studies and planning is considered one of the specialized management branches of Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center.

Completed Projects
  • Organization and site selection for the development of fuel centers in Tehran
  • Organizing and developing wholesale and food distribution centers and fruit and vegetable markets
  • The state of plane trees and berries and introducing infection-resistant rootstocks
  • Studying standard quality control strategies for the agricultural products supplied by the fruit and vegetable markets
Projects Approved in 2016
  • Pathologic studies of the pricing process in fruit and vegetable markets and providing an appropriate model
  • Developing an information management system in municipal services
  • Determining perspective points and zones and managing strategic views in the city of Tehran
  • Developing a manual for upgrading the beauty of the city of Tehran
  • Developing guidelines and regulations for organizing the signs of non-residential places in the city of Tehran
  • Development document of manufacturing businesses and technical services in the city of Tehran
  • Plan of electrical and electronic waste management in the city of Tehran
  • Pathologic study of the hurdles that prevent the implementation of source separation and providing an optimal participatory model
  • Calculating the costs of waste collection in the city of Tehran and providing economic analyses
  • An epidemiologic study of the impact of noise pollution on the mental and physical health of citizens
  • Feasibility study of the use of renewable energy resources in Tehran's underground spaces with an emphasis on the subway
  • Feasibility study of recycling urban household greywater and supplying the water needed for green spaces in the city of Tehran
Projects at the Stage of Monitoring
  • Developing strategic and operational plans for the construction and development of green buildings in the city of Tehran
  • Studying and explaining municipal services standards (revising and correcting the operations and procedures used in the allocation and operation of stalls in fruit and vegetable markets and developing managerial and technical standards)
  • Strategic document for the optimal management of construction and development waste with the purpose of decreasing waste production and recycling
  • Developing a legal plan to support the qualitative and quantitative development of green spaces
  • Developing the second Waste Management Master Plan
  • Developing a strategic and operational document to promote Tehran Municipality’s environmental management
  • Guidelines for using corrosion resistant colors and materials in the construction of Fountainscape and their optimized utilization in the city of Tehran
  • Strategies to deal with pesky animals (rats and dogs) in the city of Tehran with a preventive approach and an eye to environmental compatibility
  • Organizing and optimizing the defrosting process of the streets of Tehran in cold seasons and providing the necessary guidelines
  • Monitoring nitrate and phenol (phenolic compounds) in the water distribution network of the city of Tehran
  • Conducting a feasibility study and providing strategies for turning fruit and vegetable markets into a center with economic and commercial capabilities at national and international levels
Theses Supported by The Group
  • Studying the environmental effects of urban waste source separation plan and providing managerial strategies in Tehran’s District 9 municipality
  • The impact of urban landscapes on soil quality in Western Tehran
  • Designing and developing training programs to increase citizens’ awareness of waste source separation
  • Studying the hurdles that prevent the cooperation of polluting businesses with their transference to the suburbs in order to preserve the urban environment
  • Urban vandalism in Tehran’s parks and green spaces: factors and obstacles
  • Numerical modeling and technical and economic evaluation of geothermal heat pumps for heating agricultural greenhouses
  • The impact of land use on air quality in the city of Tehran
  • Studying the effects of climate change on urban environments and providing coping strategies
  • Urban forestry foresight (A case study of the city of Tehran)
  • An optimization model for the qualitative and quantitative control of urban runoff management using the best management strategies (a case study of District 10 municipality)
Published Reports
  • Methods of promoting organic agricultural products in Tehran Municipality's fruit and vegetable markets
  • Studying the aesthetic aspects (urban landscape) of the murals of the Beautification Organization across the city of Tehran;
  • Examining the feasibility of establishing service complexes at the main entrances of Tehran
  • Studying the potential of street flooding in Tehran and ways to control it
  • Analyzing the role and performance of Shahrvand Chain Stores in terms of customer service
  • Organizing and site location for the development of fuel centers in Tehran
  • Studying the process of compost production from the waste produced in Tehran
  • Studying the role of the construction and development of green buildings in improving urban environment
  • Evaluating the possibility of assigning fruit and vegetable markets to local management and providing strategies
  • Studying the system of quality control and monitoring of agricultural products and foodstuff in fruit and vegetable markets and ways to improve it
  • Studying the phenomenon of street peddling in the city of Tehran and its consequences for municipal services
  • Analyzing the site location and distribution of parks and gardens across the city of Tehran with an approach to homogeneous development
  • Crisis-creating factors in Tehran Bazaar and strategies and policies to solve them
  • Studying the methods of continuing the activities of Tehran Municipality's Waste Management Organization in certain circumstances
  • Studying the methods used to collect waste by Tehran Municipality and providing optimal methods
  • Studying the feasibility of transferring all the waste management tasks to the private sector and determining the optimal methods of doing it
  • Organizing and developing fruit and vegetable markets in Tehran
  • Producing energy using landfill centers' leachate and its environmental impact
  • Studying the effects of particulate matter on the urban environment
  • Studying the effects of climate change on Tehran's environment
  • Evaluating the state of beauty in the city of Tehran with an emphasis on Islamic- Iranian identity
Meetings and Workshops
  • A specialized workshop and meeting on the integrated management of urban water and space
  • A meeting titled “Turning Fruit and Vegetable Markets into an Economic Hub; Strategies and Challenges”
  • A meeting titled “Waste Incinerators and Methods of Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste”
  • A meeting titled “Meeting on Urban Beautification, Integrated Management, and Public Participation”
  • A specialized meeting on “Providing Waste Management Experiences in Germany”
  • Urban environmental assessment
  • Urban beautification workshop with an Iranian- Islamic approach
  • Site-selection patterns and deployment of heterogeneous industries in cities
  • Meeting on the safety of Tehran Bazaar; needs and challenges
  • Workshop on introducing the production process of certified organic products
  • Meeting on “Tehran’s Environmental Status Report, 2009-2010”
  • A meeting on site-selection for the provision of municipal services
  • A meeting on reviewing strategies to reduce fires and accidents
  • A specialized meeting on waste management (collection, transport, and disposal and existing obstacles, with a focus on construction waste)
  • A specialized meeting on analyzing activities assignment in the field of municipal services on the basis of the plan to make administrative changes in Tehran Municipality
  • A specialized meeting on “Analyzing the assignment of municipal services on the basis of the plan to make administrative changes in Tehran Municipality”
  • A specialized- scientific meeting titled "Urban Beautification in Tehran; Its Design, Knowledge, and Decorative Features"
Translating and Writing Books
  • Translating “Waste Transfer Stations”
  • Translating “Is the grass greener....? Learning from international innovations in urban green space management”
  • Writing “Municipal Solid Waste Incineration and Energy Recovery”
  • Translating “Waste Transfer Stations”