Who are we
The establishment of the Center dates back to 1978 when the Secretariat of the Council for Supervisory on Tehran's expansion was in Tehran. At that time, the Urban Planning and Research Center undertook technical, specialized, and critical studies for the council. In 1984 the center was separated from the council and joined the Deputy Office of Coordination and Planning of the City of Tehran.

In the late 1980’s, the changes in the management of the City of Tehran was a turning point in the history of the Center, reflected in the trend of formation of research bases for survey and study of Tehran’s specifications and preparation of five-year strategic development plans. Since the beginning of 1386/2007, the Center's activities were concentrated on "strategic studies" aimed at sustainable urban management and development of Tehran, based on knowledge , design and use of sustainable urban development models.

In order to improve productivity, avoid structural and methodological overlaps, predict suitable mechanisms to formulate strategies and improve the supervision over the Tehran Master Plan implementation, the mayor of Tehran issued the directive on the merger between the Institution of Urban Development Studies and Planning with the Center for Urban Studies and Planning of Tehran in the 89/200/42234 Act of the High Council for Urbanism and Architecture. Therefore, the responsibilities of the Institution of Urban Development Studies and Planning were delegated to the municipality of Tehran since September 2010.