Urban Tech Market

The Goals:

  • Application of technology with an aim to reduce costs and increase productivity of the services rendered to citizens
  • Support for domestic production in order to create jobs and boost the economy

The principal parties and partners Office of Vice President for Science and Technology:

  • Innovation and Development Fund
  • Pardis Technology Park
  • Iran National Technomarket
  • Tehran University Research and Technology Fund
  • Science and Technology Parks affiliated to major Iranian universities (14 parks)
  • Municipalities of Iranian metropolises (the municipalities of Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashad, Urmia, Qom, Isfahan, Zahedan, Kerman, Karaj, Ahvaz, Hamedan plus the rotating secretariat of the mayors of Iranian metropolises)
  • Investment units of the Bank Shahr (City Bank), Bank Tejarat, En Bank, and Saderat Bank
  • Scientific and specialized associations active in city related areas (certain Iranian technological management associations, Iran Management Association...)

The resources used for implementing the project:

Considering that the technomarket has been held with a supportive approach, its financial resources have been provided by the Tehran Municipality like the first one. Planning has been made so that the private sector and companies active in technomarket development plans would use their resources after holding the third year event.

Specific tools or methods that were developed:

All the Procedures extracted from the technomarket are based on benefiting from modern technologies. In terms of continuity, the Planning and Research Center has arranged urban management virtual technomarket and follows up the matter through the Internet constantly. In terms of incentives for urban managers, numerous motivations have been projected for cooperation with companies. These include yardsticks to select model technomarket manager in realization of projected MOUs. The PRC holds specialized and educational courses for science and technology intermediaries and has planned constant and continuous training for production fields.

The innovative aspects:

Recognition of the model adopted by the Tehran Municipality in convening the technomarket as the “Tehran Model” shows that it can transfer its experiences to other countries and cities

Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the services rendered to cities

Technomarket is in fact the connecting chain between the two sectors of supply and demand for the urban domain technologies. To this end, the PRC has put the strengthening of both sides of the market on its agenda.

The most important measures the PRC has taken are as follows:

a. Strengthening technological needs assessment in the Municipality’s expert body. The most important steps taken in this regard are:

  • Defining technological intermediaries in staff domains and Municipality districts. One of the important damages at the stage of identification of technological needs in holding the first round was the failure to recognize the application of technological needs in the city of Tehran. In the second round, in order to resolve this problem and for the application-oriented identification of technological needs, the circle of intermediaries was created.
  • Holding specialized training workshops (under such themes as the general outlines on application of modern technologies in urban management; a review of the generalities, categorization of technological goods, classification, chain of technology…); assessment and identification of technological needs and ways and means to attract technology (including appraisal of the organization’s technological capabilities; precise assessment of the technology demanding party at Tehran Municipality); methods of study and appraisal of technological and science-based goods; technological cooperation and its requirements (a review of different types of technological cooperation and contractual forms matching them).
  • Systematic formulation of technological needs and using the services of specialized teams to translate needs into technological applications is the most important goal of this segment of increasing the tacit knowledge of an organization which is defined as component and knowledge-based in its own organizational perspective. On the supply side, considering the rise in the number of participating companies and the content offered, the main focus of the PRC has been on the following subject:
  • Strengthening the assessment and selection system of the applicant companies in the second exhibition
    • Contribution of sponsor institutions such as the Office of Vice President for Science and Technology and the Innovation and Prosperity Fund in the process of selecting and screening the companies
    • Utilization of screening tools including purchase letters of guarantee, production and sale...

Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center is convinced that creating the ground for “sharing vocational science for urban managers and specialists” with an aim to launch an urban management scientific network can help improve the services rendered For this purpose, the PRC has designed and implemented an urban management specialized technomarket and the broad participation of other Iranian metropolises in the second technomarket shows the warm welcome accorded to this model.

Complementary Information about Specialized Technomarket Project in Tehran:

a. Continuity of Subject: Tehran Municipality and Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center have conducted the following measure in a bid to bring about economic prosperity in line with their social responsibilities and benefit from the potential of knowledge-based companies:

1. Establishing companies faring better specifically in technomarkets by at the Tehran Urban Innovation Center and Park

  • The objectives of setting up the park include defining a long-term procedure for attraction and application of technologies and innovations related to the Tehran Municipality, supporting urban economic prosperity and entrepreneurship for elites active in technology sector, directing knowledge-based companies to focus on products used in the municipality markets across the country particularly imported equipment.
  • The process of short-listing companies has been based on the scores gained on applying technomarkets in terms of the interest of the Municipality employment booths within the framework of technological cooperation and job interviews conducted by business references and technology park specialists.
  • The first building of this park is located in Tehran, more specially at No 2, Shaqayeq St, Hozouri Ave, Intersection of Hemmat and Imam Ali highways. So far, more than 15 short-listed companies have been housed there and the final objective set for this building is 30 companies.
  • Other buildings of the technology park of the city will be erected in the other 22 districts of Tehran.

2. Developing Virtual Market Techniques for Urban Management:

  • The main objective behind development of virtual market technique is to prepare the ground for urban specialists and managers to share professional knowledge with the final objective of developing a knowledge network for urban management.
  • Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center launched the first virtual market technique for urban management in order to maintain long-term and continuous communications with knowledge-based companies.
  • This virtual technomarket will be managed by Tehran Urban Planning and Research Center and it has been established for constant communications with suppliers of technology and technological needs of Tehran Municipality.
  • The most important sectors of virtual technology include introducing technomarket, banks of technology (including suppliers and demanders), technology promoters, corridor of science and technology (legal advisors to knowledge-based companies), financial corridor and investment and news.
  • This technomarket will start work in November at (

b. Specialized Technomarket’s Growth: The changes made into the second specialized technomarket indicate the maturity of this process and more contribution of participants will be effective.

  • The second technomarket has shown acceptable quantitative growth from the previous period. The presence of 215 knowledge-based and technology companies (more than 60% growth) indicates the acceptance of this technological event in the second year by elites and activists of this sector.
  • Serious contribution of the main beneficiaries of this sector is a main feature of this exhibition. Support offered by the Office of Vice-President for Science and Technology and the Blossoming and Innovation Fund regarding tools and facilities that would be presented to companies and operators and the presence of parks of science and technology (78 companies in 14 parks – there were less than 5 parks in the first year) is a turning point of the exhibition.
  • A significant increase in the technology memorandums of cooperation (five-time growth) indicates the willingness of technomarket players for effective cooperation in the technology sector.
  • The presence of 12 big cities in the employment booths (there were none of them last year) and the signature of 465 memorandums of cooperation are indicative of other municipalities’ trust in the effectiveness of this event.
  • In this round of technomarket exhibition, a number of companies that for some reasons like untimely registration and failure in the assessment by the Center missed the shortlist entered talks with the entrepreneurship units for signing memorandums of cooperation. The Secretariat of Corridor of Science and Technology registered this memorandum for transparency and avoiding any ambiguity. That shows trust in the effectiveness of this exhibition by activists of technology sector.
  • In organizing the second technomarket, a network took shape between municipalities in Tehran and other big cities on science and technology issues and the Center has arranged training workshops on the subjects of application of modern technologies in urban management, assessment and identification of urgent technological needs and attraction of technology, examining and assessing technology and knowledge-based commodities, technological cooperation as well as relevant requirements. This important measure is designed and pursued in line with arranging demand and promoting the role of technologies in the body of municipalities’ expert organs.

Given the above issues, the Tehran Municipality – as the specialized body launching technomarket – has achieved its objectives and it is hoped that the Center would be able to take effective steps in view of the effectiveness of the memorandums and changing them into agreements for cooperation, and guarantee the effectiveness of outputs in a bid to control urban management costs.